2. Discord Bot Setup

Discord Bot and raffle channels setup

In order to interact with the bot you must tag it at the end of the commands.

Every command should finish with @InfoHunterz (or whatever name you gave to it).

During Step 1. Dashboard Setup you invited our Discord Bot in your server. Upon joining, the bot created a category with two channels: #raffle-bot-setup and #new-releases.

Go to #raffle-bot-setup channel and send .setup @InfoHunterz to create the default channels.

The bot will create 5 channels under the previously created category:

  • new-releases

  • raffles-unfiltered

  • raffles-europe

  • raffles-america

  • raffles-asia

You are all set to receive raffles and updates!

We strongly advise against cancelling the default category and #new-releases channel.

If you want to choose which raffles to receive and where, you should definitely check out the guide below!

page3. Raffles Filtering

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